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Top 10 Greatest WWE Wrestlers of All Time

  1. The Undertaker

Undertaker is the best no one can reach at his position or get close to him. He is greatest legend of WWE of all time.

  1. Steve Austin

If stone cold never had his time in the WWE it would have never got to where it is today. At the time he joined WCW was bigger than WWE and he took the wrestling business too unbelievable heights. He was the best thing that ever will and happened to the WWE.

  1. The Rock

Oh yeah! It is the greatest one, danger man of world wrestling. No one is like him. He is totally different than any other wrestlers. His attraction works into the left side of the heart of the people and this is why he is the champ of people. Only the rock is able to electrify when he plays.

  1. Shawn Michaels

HBK is the most dynamic performer ever to grace a wrestling ring. He had the ability to innovate a style in the ring that made even the most ridiculous-sounding gimmick match (ladder match, iron man, elimination chamber, etc.) He may not be the most popular, but the greatest wrestler to have ever lived!

  1. John Cena

John Cena does so much for the WWE and is a really hardworking person. John is the best wrestler. He has almost beat each and every wrestler in WWE and we can hope that john is the one who will break undertaker’s streak, as you have seen john’s increasing his status day by day.

  1. Triple H

He is an all rounder. One of the greatest in ring performers as well as a great mind for business. NXT is proof of that. There will never ever be another Triple h.



  1. Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is probably one of the best wrestler I have seen. He has made wrestling famous. He has to be on the top of the list as his popularity is all over the world.

  1. Bret Hart

He is the best who technically always comes up better on the opponent. He is the most genuine. Although very well known and respected for older WWE fans it’s a shame the younger generation don’t know him.

  1. Randy Ortan

Randy Orton is definitely the champion of the WWE. Such a perfect wrestler, he can beat anybody and he proves that he is the viper by beating Kane at extreme rules. He is one of the most intelligent and talented wrestler I’ve ever seen.

  1. Rey Mysterio

He is very small but he can even defeat the bigger players like undertaker, easily by using moves like by rolling moves like tornado dot, monkey flip, bull dog and flying moves like moonsualt, west coast pop or etc and his best move 619.


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