Real Name and Age Of All WWE Superstars 2017


Real Name and Age Of All WWE Superstars 2017


Ring Name: A.J. Styles

Real Name: Allen Neal Jones

Age: 40

Ring Name: Alexa Bliss

Real Name: Alexis Kaufman

Age: 26

Ring Name: Alicia Fox

Real Name: Victoria Elizabeth Crawford

Age: 31

Ring Name: Apollo Crews

Real Name: Sesugh Uhaa

Age: 29

Ring Name: Baron Corbin

Real Name: Thomas Pestock

Age: 32

Ring Name: Bayley

Real Name: Pamela Rose Martinez

Age: 28

Ring Name: Becky Lynch

Real Name: Rebecca Quin

Age: 30

Ring Name: Big Cass

Real Name: William Morrissey

Age: 30

Ring Name: Big E

Real Name: Ettore Ewen

Age: 31

Ring Name: Big Show

Real Name: Paul Donald Wight II

Age: 45

Ring Name: Bo Dallas

Real Name: Taylor Michael Rotunda

Age: 27

Ring Name: Booker T

Real Name: Robert Booker Tio Huffman

Age: 52

Ring Name: Braun Strowman

Real Name: Adam Joseph Scherr

Age: 33

Ring Name: Bray Wyatt

Real Name: Windham Lawrence Rotunda

Age: 30

Ring Name: Brie Bella

Real Name: Brianna Monique Danielson

Age: 33

Ring Name: Brock Lesnar

Real Name: Brock Edward Lesnar

Age: 40

Ring Name: Carmella

Real Name: Leah Van Dale

Age: 29

Ring Name: Cesaro

Real Name: Claudio Castagnoli

Age: 36

Ring Name: Chad Gable

Real Name: Charles Betts

Age: 31

Ring Name: Charlotte Flair

Real Name: Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr

Age: 31

Ring Name: Chris Jericho

Real Name: Christopher Keith Irvine

Age: 46

Ring Name: Curt Hawkins

Real Name: Brian Myers

Age: 32

Ring Name: Curtis Axel

Real Name: Joseph Curtis Hennig

Age: 37

Ring Name: Dana Brooke

Real Name: Ashley Mae Sebera

Age: 28

Ring Name: The Rock

Real Name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson

Age: 45

Ring Name: Daniel Bryan

Real Name: Bryan Lloyd Danielson

Age: 36

Ring Name: Darren Young

Real Name: Frederick Douglas Rosser III

Age: 33

Ring Name: Emma

Real Name: Tenille Averil Dashwood

Age: 28

Ring Name: Erick Rowan

Real Name: Joseph Charles Ruud

Age: 35

Ring Name: Enzo Amore

Real Name: Eric Arndt

Age: 30

Ring Name: Fandango

Real Name: Curtis Jonathan Hussey

Age: 36

Ring Name: Finn Bálor

Real Name: Fergal Devitt

Age: 36

Ring Name: Goldust

Real Name: Dustin Patrick Runnels

Age: 48

Ring Name: Gran Metalik

Real Name: Máscara Dorada

Age: 28

Ring Name: Heath Slater

Real Name: Heath Wallace Miller

Age: 34

Ring Name: James Ellsworth

Real Name: James Ellsworth Morris

Age: 32

Ring Name: Dean Ambrose

Real Name:  Jonathan David Good

Age: 31

Ring Name: Jeff Hardy

Real Name: Jeffrey Nero Hardy

Age: 39

Ring Name: Jey Uso

Real Name: Joshua Samuel Fatu

Age: 31

Ring Name: JIMMY USO

Real Name: Jonathan Solofa Fatu

Age: 31

Ring Name: Jinder Mahal

Real Name: Yuvraj Singh Dhesi

Age: 31

Ring Name: John Cena

Real Name: John Felix Anthony Cena

Age: 40

Ring Name: Dolph Ziggler

Real Name: Nicholas Theodore Nemeth

Age: 37

Ring Name: Kane

Real Name: Glenn Thomas Jacobs

Age: 50

Ring Name: Karl Anderson

Real Name: Chad Allegra

Age: 37

Ring Name: Kevin Owens

Real Name: Kevin Yanick Steen

Age: 33

Ring Name: Kofi Kingston

Real Name: Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah

Age: 35

Ring Name: Kurt Angle

Real Name: Kurt Steven Angle

Age: 48

Ring Name: Luke Gallows

Real Name: Andrew William Hankinson

Age: 33

Ring Name: Lana

Real Name: Catherine Joy Perry

Age: 32

Ring Name: Luke Harper

Real Name: Jon Huber

Age: 37

Ring Name: Maria Kanellis

Real Name: Mary Louis Kanellis

Age: 35

Ring Name: Mark Henry

Real Name: Mark Jerrold Henry

Age: 46

Ring Name: Maryse

Real Name: Maryse Ouellet Mizanin

Age: 34

Ring Name: Matt Hardy

Real Name: Matthew Moore Hardy

Age: 42

Ring Name: Mickie James

Real Name: Mickie Laree James

Age: 37

Ring Name: Mike Kanellis

Real Name: Michael Bennett

Age: 32

Ring Name: Mojo Rawley

Real Name: Dean Muhtadi

Age: 31

Ring Name: Mustafa Ali

Real Name: Adeel Alam

Age: 31

Ring Name: Naomi

Real Name: Trinity Fatu

Age: 29

Ring Name: Natalya

Real Name: Natalie Katherine Neidhart

Age: 35

Ring Name: Neville

Real Name: Benjamin Satterley

Age: 30

Ring Name: Nia Jax

Real Name: Savelina Fanene

Age: 33

Ring Name: Nikki Bella

Real Name: Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace

Age: 33

Ring Name: Paige

Real Name: Saraya-Jade Rodríguez

Age: 24

Ring Name: R-Truth

Real Name: Ronnie Aaron Killings

Age: 45

Ring Name: Randy Orton

Real Name: Randal Keith Orton

Age: 37


Ring Name: Rhyno

Real Name: Terrance Guido Gerin

Age: 41

Ring Name: Roman Reigns

Real Name: Leati Joseph Anoaʻi

Age: 32

Ring Name: Rusev

Real Name: Miroslav Barnyashev

Age: 31

Ring Name: Sami Zayn

Real Name: Rami Sebai

Age: 33

Ring Name: The Great Khali

Real Name: Dalip Singh Rana

Age: 44

Ring Name: Samoa Joe

Real Name: Nuufolau Joel Seanoa

Age: 38

Ring Name: Sasha Banks

Real Name: Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado

Age: 25

Ring Name: Seth Rollins

Real Name: Colby Daniel Lopez

Age: 25

Ring Name: Shane McMahon

Real Name: Shane Brandon McMahon

Age: 47

Ring Name: Sheamus

Real Name: Stephen Farrelly

Age: 39

Ring Name: Goldberg

Real Name: William Scott Goldberg

Age: 50

Ring Name: Nakamura

Real Name: Shinsuke Nakamura

Age: 37

Ring Name: Stephanie McMahon

Real Name: Stephanie Marie McMahon

Age: 40

Ring Name: Sin Cara

Real Name: Jorge Arias

Age: 39

Ring Name: The Miz

Real Name: Michael Gregory Mizanin

Age: 36

Ring Name: Tamina

Real Name: Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka

Age: 39

Ring Name: Titus O’Neil

Real Name: Thaddeus Michael Bullard

Age: 40

Ring Name: Triple H

Real Name: Paul Michael Levesque

Age: 48

Ring Name: The Undertaker

Real Name: Mark William Calaway

Age: 52










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